Pneumatic Actuator – NKD032 Part List

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Item  Description  Material  Protection  Qty Optional 
1 Actuator Body Estruded Alumunium Alloy Hard Anodized (over 30um) 1 Nicked or PTFE coated
2 Pinion Alloy Steel Nikel Plated (Over 15um) 1 S.S. or Alu Alloy
3 O-Ring (Lower Pinion) NBR 1 Viton/ HNBR
4 O-ring (Top Pinion) NBR 1 Viton/ HNBR
5 Thrust Bearing (Pinion) Nylon 66 1
6 Spring Clip Stainless Steel 1
7 Piston Die Cast Alumunium Alloy Hard Anodized (over 30um) 2
8 Piston Seal NBR 2 Viton/ HNBR
9 Stroke Bolt Stainless Steel 2
10 Stroke Bolt O-ring NBR 2
11 Stroke Bolt Washer Stainless Steel 2
12 Stroke Bolt Retaining Nut Stainless Steel 2
13 End Cap Die Cust Alumunium Epoxy Coated (over 80um) 2 Nicked or PTFE coated
14 End Cap Seals NBR 2 Viton/ HNBR
15 End Cap Seals Stainless Steel 2

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