Pompa Celup HCP Large Volume LA-2250/L 28100 (Pompa Banjir)

Description : 

Pompa Celup HCP Large Volume LA-2250/L-28100 (Pompa Banjir)

Features : 

High efficiency motor directly connect to impeller best energy saving. Pump manufacture with firm structure, cable lead isolated by harden epoxy for water proof, double mechanical seal, and IP68 dust free and water proof for long period of performance.
Shaft and impeller is been precisely balance for quiet and long life performance. Standard protector : Miniature thermal protector, mechanical seal leakage detector, other protector device can be apply.
3D computerizes impeller and vanes conductive design for higher pump efficiency.


Water supply or drainage for industrial
Water supply for cooling in the power plant
Drainage of waste water treatment
Used for large volume dewatering
Water supply for agriculture irrigation
Others : Extraction of water from dock and river

Protector Description (Optional)

MTP (Miniature Thermal Protector) : Motor winding and bearing bracket can be embed with MTP to prevent motor operating in dry or unusual condition cause motor over heating.
WD (water detector) : Mechanical seal chamber, motor chamber, and wiring chamber can be istalling WD to prevent water entering in case failure.

Suction Flow Design Reference For Submersible Axial Pump

If the insufficient shape and dimensions of the suction flow zone are adopted at the design stage, and from hydro-dynamical point of view three are severe serious problems might arise. Especially eddy current of the surface water, air mixing with water, heavy turbelence of water flow and the formation of stagnant zone. In order to prevent or to reduce such causes of the problems there are sever things need to considered.

The liquid of suction flow speed should be kept constant (flow speed 0.3-0.5m/s)
Suction flow zone of water depth and floor slop variation of slope angle should be 30°C-45°C.
Suction flow zone should filling up with concrete
In case of two pumps operation eddy current protection wall must be installed in the suction zone.
In case of two pumps operation, any sudden obstacles at the suction flow zone must be avoided and maximum divergent angle must not more than 20°C

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