Pompa Celup HCP Drainase Stainless SS-05A-21A

Description : 

Pompa Celup HCP Drainase Stainless SS-05A-21A

Features : 

Best structure, dry-motor with auto-cut, silicon carbide double mechanical seal
Corrosion resistant construction, suitable for light acid and basic or sea water.
Shaft, hardware, outer casing and cast parts are made of stainless steel SUS316/304
Viton Packing
Waterproof structure of whole pump adopt viton packing resist corrosion in acid and basic media
Wax-off precision casting
Adopted advanced stainless wax-off precision casting with precise model of best quality and smooth surface

Appications :

Pumping drainage water from garage sprinkler system
Pumping sewage from single and multi-family dewelings
Water drainage for chemical, pharmac-eutical and metal processing factory

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